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Mike Nieman: Behind the Notebook

It Started With a Joke.


"Did you know that Costco sells coffins?

The weird thing is—they only come in a four pack."


At the tender age of 20, I started writing and performing stand-up comedy, which quickly led to creating scripts for a local sketch comedy troupe. Finally, I had found a way to turn my creative ideas into engaging stories. This was the first time I thought about writing as a career. This was what led me down the path towards advertising.

Professional Philosophies


As a copywriter, the most  important part of the job—understanding my audience.


Laughter is the best medicine. Plus, it makes the day so much more enjoyable.


Great work leads to more clients—not vice versa.

Today, I'm a professional writer who's versed in writing copy for a variety of mediums. I believe in working hard, having fun, and exploring every idea until the right one is found. When I write, my goal is to engage my audience by writing to them, not at them. My favorite jobs involve:


Branding: It doesn't get any better than expressing the brand's personality and telling its own unique story. This is where relationships are made or lost.


Strategic Concepting: Give me pages of research, a lot of Post-It notes, and a team of creative problem solvers. I want to create campaigns that make the audience stop and say, "Holy shit. That's really cool. I need that."


Writing TV, radio, or pre-roll spots: This brings me back to my comedy roots. I have 15, 30, or 60 seconds to introduce the audience to a relatable problem and position your brand as the solution.


I have written copy for a wide range of clients, including: PetSmart Charities, The Arizona Office of Tourism, various regional Honda and Acura dealer associations, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Casino Del Sol Resort, and Little River Casino Resort.

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