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The Work



Cactus League Baseball

On the left are two print ads to promote the Arizona Spring Training Experience and Cactus League Hall. Ads were placed in various baseball programs.


Arizona Organzing Committee

The right print ad is for The Arizona Organizing Committee. The purpose was to promote the 2016 National College Football Championship game in Glendale, AZ.


2015 Bronze ADDY Winner

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Lowe's Home Improvement

Here are few examples of web content I wrote for various promotional campaigns featured on


Remington Power Tools

As a freelance copywriter, I took owner manuals and created how-to video scripts and online articles.


Listen to spot

PetSmart Charities

PetSmart Charities is one of the leading pet adoption organization in the country. Throughout  2014, I was in charge of writing copy and creating concepts for their National Adoption Weekend and General Adoption campaigns. To the left are three different animated banners.






Here are a few samples of 30 second Pandora radio scripts I wrote for their National Adoption Weekends. Click on the play button to hear a produced spot.










Here are three 30 second pre-roll videos I concepted and wrote. Each video is directed at a different target audience.


We Own the Sun

Featuring David Spade

Individual Video Projects


Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

The purpose of this video was to increase donations and overall brand awarness.


Nike Grind

The purpose of this video was to help  increase brand awarness. It was placed on Nike Grind's webiste.


The DBSI Ideation Center

This was a teaser video to help convince potentional clients to schedule a visit.

The Arizona Office of Tourism

The two TV commercials on the left where to support the Warm Up in AZ campaign. The two markets that were targeted were Chicago and Los Angeles.

The ambient media piece on the right was a 35' X 25' banner that was placed on side of a busy parking lot in Chicago during the winter. Below the banner, are two larger-than-life flip flops that  are crushing the cars below. This piece was featured in AdWeek.

The script on the left was for the Arizona Office of Tourism's destination video. The direction was to create something witty and different. So, I took the negative perception that Arizona is too hot, and flip it to make it positive. The spot was called “We Own the Sun.”


Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict, David Spade had to pull out of the project right before production started.














Here are a few work samples from a variety of Honda regional dealer groups. The first two are P.O.P posters that were displayed inside of the dealerships. The two on the right were full-page ads inside of magazines. 





Here are a series of promotion TV spots I wrote and concepted for the Utah Honda Dealers. This strategy was a little different, as they wanted to pull from relatable experiences to showcase their cars.



The National Academy of Sport Medicine is the leader in fitness education. To the left are two advertorials I wrote to be placed in their monthly magazine. The two pieces on the right are emails to perspective leads and current alumnis.



Rarity is a mobile gaming/app development start-up company. I was tasked with writing their brand's style guide. The piece on the left is their positioning statement. The next two pieces are the brand's personality traits along with voice and tone examples.


Casino Del Sol Resort

To the left is Casino Del Sol Resort's More Fun Under the Sun print campaign. The goal of each ad was to highlight the resort's different amenities.







To the left are 30 second promotion TV spots for the More Fun Under the Sun campaign.




These two promotional posters where created for Speak-A-Prov, a public speaking training program I created and taught to the employees of Off Madison Ave.









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